Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spyhouse Coffee Shop

Spyhouse Coffee

  • Environment
   It feels very young and new. It's filled with interesting art. The seating has an interesting look because it surrounds where the coffee is made. There is an outlet per seat. And an abundance in seats. Very college friendly, it's comfortable, easy to get on the wifi, lots of college students. A great place to study. Very clean. Trendy. Good music. 8/10

  • Service
   Better than what we've seen thus far, but still not a huge welcoming. The baristas were very friendly. They knew what they were doing. Had good suggestions. All in all, pretty good. 7/10

  • Drink Quality
    The first thing you'll notice is the presentation of the drink, everyone loves coffee art! The cup on plate look is always classy, and when the presentation is good, I enjoy the overall drink experience more. The drink was good, not great, but I enjoyed it. We got the Mata Hari, a latte with almond and cinnamon in it. It was warm, sweet but not too sweet. Had a rich taste, a good aftertaste. It was good. 7/10

Overall - 7/10 - Definitely a real chill place, young crowd, good fun. Check it out!

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