Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bull Run Coffee

    It's got a cool feel, but it's a little tight. It's got this "Dad's cool basement" kind of feel to it, with one side of the walls covered in license plates and the other side a homey brick wall. There is quite a bit of seating for the size, outlets aren't an issue, tables are a decent size, chairs could be better, the only other criticism I'd give is that it's not a very relational set up of seating, it's almost made for someone to grab a coffee and get work done, but the seating is pretty good overall. The music selection within Bull Run is great. Drum roll............ ... ... .. .. 6/10
    This is the first place that we were able to find the kind of service we have been looking for all along.  The moment that we were seen by the baristas we were greeted with a friendly smile followed by the barista asking how our day was.  The barista then proceeded to ask what we were up to today with genuine interest.  This is the service we believe you deserve at every high end coffee shop seeking for returning customers.  While we were here we also had the pleasure of seeing the baristas interact with several other guests with a warm and inviting attitude.  Overall we give the service a solid 9/10. 
Drink Quality
     Amazing. Best coffee we've had so far in the cities. So well made. Looks amazing. We've said it before, in order to compete with top dogs in quality, presentation is key. The drink we got was the Boone's Beard. Yes, the name is even cool. The key ingredient that brings this vanilla espresso to the next level is the black Hawaiian sea salt used. Awesome drink. The barista said it would bring us back, and it will.10/10
Overall: 9/10 Come here. Now. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kopplin's Coffee Shop


     Lively, friendly, warm environment. Super comfortable seating, the big tables give you a lot of space and the small tables are intimate. Well decorated, clean, trendy, the music is chill. The only issue is there isn't a surplus of seating, so if you plan on bringing a big group, take caution because there might not be enough seating for you all. 8/10

    The service at Kopplins is good but not great. The barista was friendly and helpful when we asked what drink we should order.  Along with that he was very confident in his choice of drink.  Once again, we didn't get the greeting at the door we were looking for but overall we found the baristas at Kopplins to be helpful. 6/10

Drink Quality
     Froth to liquid ratio was solid. Not too bitter. Great presentation. Coffe art was stellar, best I've seen so far. We got the cappuccino, it was great, but, if you want something sweeter, don't get it. It's got great flavor for a cappuccino. Goes down so smooth. Really easy to drink fast. All in all, it's a very high quality cappuccino. 8/10

Overall: 7/10
A fun stop, really comfortable, good drinks, affordable. Big recommend to check it out.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

J&S Bean Factory

    Lives up to the name of "factory". This can a good and a band thing. For me, I enjoy a homey, comfortable setting. This is more industrial. The tabletops weren't the flattest..chairs not the most comfortable...not the most spacious place.. It's different. 4/10

    The best service we've had in our three stops. Finally got my welcome at the door I've been looking for. The barista really knew what he was talking about when we asked our usual question. He's experienced in coffee, he talked about trying coffee all over the west coast. He was really friendly, helpful, and good at his job. And yes, there was coffee art. 8/10

Drink Quality
     The first thing you notice when picking up your coffee at the counter is how it is presented - you find yourself holding a nice J&S mug and beautiful coffee art.  The barista suggested we try their miel latte.  We liked the flavor and the smooth taste of the coffee. Not amazing though, could be better. 6/10

Overall: 6/10
Unique and friendly! Again, if you want something different, check it out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spyhouse Coffee Shop

Spyhouse Coffee

  • Environment
   It feels very young and new. It's filled with interesting art. The seating has an interesting look because it surrounds where the coffee is made. There is an outlet per seat. And an abundance in seats. Very college friendly, it's comfortable, easy to get on the wifi, lots of college students. A great place to study. Very clean. Trendy. Good music. 8/10

  • Service
   Better than what we've seen thus far, but still not a huge welcoming. The baristas were very friendly. They knew what they were doing. Had good suggestions. All in all, pretty good. 7/10

  • Drink Quality
    The first thing you'll notice is the presentation of the drink, everyone loves coffee art! The cup on plate look is always classy, and when the presentation is good, I enjoy the overall drink experience more. The drink was good, not great, but I enjoyed it. We got the Mata Hari, a latte with almond and cinnamon in it. It was warm, sweet but not too sweet. Had a rich taste, a good aftertaste. It was good. 7/10

Overall - 7/10 - Definitely a real chill place, young crowd, good fun. Check it out!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bob's Java Hut

Bobs Java Hut
  • Environment
A different take on your usual coffee shop. Looks like a biker bar but doesn't serve alcohol. Has an edgy vibe to it. Uncomfortable seating. Loudish music. Not a comfortable temperature. Probably not an ideal place for homework. Unique theme. 3/10
  • Service
I enjoy the "welcome!" when I walk into a cofee shop, didnt get it here. Only one barista. On a positive note, when we asked the question; "If you wanted us to return, what drink would you serve us to ensure we come back?" She knew right away that the Mexican Mocha was the drink for us. 6/10
  • Drink Quality
Mexican Mocha - Very good. Sweet, warm, went down smooth. Wasnt presented fancy by any means (paper cup, no coffee art) but it was a rich taste. Not too chocolate tasting, left a good aftertaste. 7/10

Overall Rating - 5/10
If you want a different, unique place, a change of scenery, or just a desire to try a new place. Check it out!