Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bob's Java Hut

Bobs Java Hut
  • Environment
A different take on your usual coffee shop. Looks like a biker bar but doesn't serve alcohol. Has an edgy vibe to it. Uncomfortable seating. Loudish music. Not a comfortable temperature. Probably not an ideal place for homework. Unique theme. 3/10
  • Service
I enjoy the "welcome!" when I walk into a cofee shop, didnt get it here. Only one barista. On a positive note, when we asked the question; "If you wanted us to return, what drink would you serve us to ensure we come back?" She knew right away that the Mexican Mocha was the drink for us. 6/10
  • Drink Quality
Mexican Mocha - Very good. Sweet, warm, went down smooth. Wasnt presented fancy by any means (paper cup, no coffee art) but it was a rich taste. Not too chocolate tasting, left a good aftertaste. 7/10

Overall Rating - 5/10
If you want a different, unique place, a change of scenery, or just a desire to try a new place. Check it out!

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